Cuilean's Squeaking Willow Card Shop


      Welcome to Cuilean's Squeaking Willow Card Shop.  Although we manage our own greeting card sales,
eventually we will rely on our webhost, Artspan,
for printmaking and shipping.  For now simply go to the contact page
in the website navigation bar and make your purchase request(s) in the box.

      Feel free to ask any questions you might have. Suggestions and comments are always welcome.  I will
immediately respond with a reply email.  Included will be a short checklist allowing you to identify the image(s),
whether you prefer print or card, and the number desired (available sizes/packs are clearly described). 
The checklist has the associated costs of materials and shipping identified.  We will try to expedite shipping
wherever possible, while going with the least expensive rate for the destination.

We are always interested in how you became aware of the art available through
Cuilean's Squeaking Willow Studio. 
If you decide to purchase any cards or prints, your satisfaction is extremely important to us.  Therefore, please call
the number on the contact page or email us, so we may correct any discrepancies you may have encountered.

Thank you again for contacting us at the Squeaking Willow Card Shop.